Hair Extensions

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When it comes to hair extensions, there are so many conflicting and confusing statements. The biggest concern is to make sure that with whatever option you chose, it needs to be non-damaging and healthy for your own existing hair and scalp.

Since Monique’s Salon specializes in hair loss and hair restoration, we are extremely careful about which hair extensions are the best for you, your lifestyle and the health of your hair and scalp.

There are three types of hair extension hair…synthetic, human hair and cyberhair. We are certified in all three hair types.
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Application Methods

The staff at Monique’s Salon are certified in multiple application techniques. We are not a one type fits all when it comes to hair extensions. We help you to determine the best possible option for your hair, whether it is for cosmetic reasons or for a hair loss solution.

We are licensed and certified specialists in all methods of hair augmentation for cosmetic and for hair loss solutions. Being a hair restoration specialist allows us to help determine how to restore your hair own existing hair, how to give you thicker or fuller hair, and give you the solution you are seeking.

During your consultation, all methods that you qualify for will be discussed with you. You will be able to see and feel all of the hair and see the application methods. If you have heard of a method or want to discuss a method we have not brought up, it means we have found something of much higher quality. We must offer the best of the best or you may not qualify for that type of application. We make sure that we only offer hair extensions that work specifically for you.

The pricing of hair extensions is difficult. It depends on your location, the experience of your licensed technician, the quality of hair you are receiving and the application method being used.

Don't be tempted with low costs. Be smart! Hair takes a very long time to grow and we want to preserve yours.


You can schedule a preliminary consultation with no obligation. You may also schedule a full consultation that offers samples of products and a customized hair plan. In addition, if you decide to move forward with your hair plan, 100% of your consultation fee will be deducted from the hair plan.

Email for an appointment.

Hair Extensions - Before and After Pictures

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